Goldmine is Unlimited



(updated 03.25.2019)



All photographs are the property of Goldmine Unlimited LLC otherwise noted.  All photo credits are given unless are owned by Goldmine Unlimited LLC

All design elements, graphics, videos and promotional material are property of Goldmine Unlimited LLC unless otherwise noted.  Use of said material is prohibited without written consent.

We cultivate a community of positivity and progressive ideals.  Any negative commentary towards other followers and users will be asked to be deleted or removed by the administrator.  

We respect and take consideration all forms of critique and suggestions, however if we find a certain comment as “non-constructive criticism” or “trolling,” we will ask the user to delete or it will be removed by the administrator.  

All messages that are considered “private” should be done through private message or direct messaging.

We reserve the right to block users or delete any comment that we deem inappropriate which includes the following but not exclusively:

•negative, trolling material

•promotion of unsolicited content


•bullying or abuse

We abide by the additional policies of the host company ie Instagram / Facebook / Naver / Google.  


Through our quarterly open markets and with the opening of our store and gallery space, we hope to foster a community of creativeness and progressive business practices.  We strive to collect and sell original vintage designer furniture.

All items are original of the year and country unless otherwise noted as: “style” “manner of” or “attributed to.”

All items are sold in “as-is” condition, however in the event the item is not as described or if the item is not to full satisfaction, we have a 48 hour full refund policy unless otherwise noted.

Please send all suggestions and or comments to

We take client privacy very seriously.  We will never disclose or distribute personal information to anyone at anytime.